me :-)

i am many things a father,son, friend, mentor, artist, student, but mostly i am a human being on a spiritual path. Practicing art and design allows me to experiment with capturing  my emotions, moods, ideas, and concepts. An inner curiosity ignites my passion for art & culture.

What is art? As i look back over my life, the division between art and life is nonexistent.
Several years ago, I was introduced to Raja and Tantric Yoga through my teacher and for the first time in my existence as Christopher Bosi, i began to understand the connection between self and its role with the natural world. Educating myself about mental health and practicing awareness, i have dedicated my life to striving towards the pursuit of my passions and goals through my vocations and my advocations.

My life and art are one… i trust in process with no attachment for a desired outcome.

The mindfulness which i developed through practicing yoga and studying yogic philosophy  my mental illness eventually surfaced.  i was forced to look even deeper into the human condition.  I began to understand how my mental illness had been coloring my mood. During my darkest days of the mental illness, i lost track of self.  Once i lost track of self, i also lost track of my art practice.  Since coming to terms with my mental condition, I have been even more motivated to continue pursuing a life of positive actions and positive words.  I know longer shy from my human condition  but strive for creating a better world for my family, friends and the world at large.

Most of the images found on this site are images of art which were by-products of seeking a greater understanding of myself and an interpretation of the way i persevere reality.  I am currently working on being an artist of the 21st century as the world has been shrunk down towards handheld devices, i am pursuing the relationship between emerging technology, interface, and it’s relationship to humans.

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